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Engineering & Technology
Diploma in Automotive Management Systems (KPT/JPS(A11452)05/15)
Diploma in Vehicle Assembly Management (KPT/JPS(A11453)05/15)
Diploma in Vehicle Inspection (KPT/JPS(A11454)05/15)
Diploma in Automotive Service Technology (N/525/4/0004(MQA/FA 0297)02/16)
Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health (N/525/4/0004(MQA/FA 0297)02/16)
B.Eng.(Hons) in Manufacturing Systems Engineering (N/521/6/0042(MQA/PA 2372)10/17)
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Business & Management
Diploma in Automotive Parts Management (N/525/4/0003(MQA/FA 0441)02/16)
Diploma in Automotive Retail Management (N/341/4/0008(MQA/FA 0442)02/16)
Diploma in Procurement Management (N/341/4/0015(MQA/FA 1232)02/17)
Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning (N/341/4/0016(MQA/FA 1233)03/17)
Bachelor of Business Administration(Hons) Marketing Management (N/342/6/0097(MQA/PA 4356))
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