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What does ICAM stands for?

ICAM stands for International College of Automotive and is a subsidiary of DRB-HICOM Group of Companies. The college was developed in response to the need to produce better quality intellectuals and professionals in the automotive industry.

Where is ICAM located?The college is located in the automotive industrial area of Peramu Jaya, Pekan, Pahang. It is about 5 km away from Pekan and about 50 km from Kuantan.

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What are the programmes offered? ICAM currently offers eight (8) diploma programmes (and) one bachelor’s degree programme which are:

Engineering & Technology
Diploma in Automotive Management Systems Diploma in Vehicle Assembly Management Diploma in Vehicle Inspection Diploma in Automotive Service Technology Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Manufacturing System Engineering (Liverpool John Moores University)
Business & Management
Diploma in Automotive Retail Management Diploma in Procurement Management Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning Diploma in Automotive Parts Management
Being part of the DRB-HICOM Group, ICAM graduates are ‘GUARANTEED OF EMPLOYMENT’ within the Group of Companies.*

*Terms & Conditions apply

What are the admission requirements? Minimum Entry Requirements: Engineering & Technology (DMS, DVI, DVA, DST)
Pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)/O-Level with at least *three (3) credits including pass in Mathematics and English; or any equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government.
Business & Management (DPV & DRP)
Pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)/ O-level with *three (3) credits in any subjects and pass in English; or any equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government.
Business & Management (DRM & DPM)
Pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with *three (3) credits (priority will be given to candidate with credits in Mathematics and Science and pass in English); or any equivalent qualifications recognised by the Malaysian Government.
*Terms & Conditions apply

What are the fees like? The total fees are RM41,900 for the two and a half years of study for the Engineering & Technology Programmes and RM30,600 for the Business & Management Programmes.

When will the classes commence? The classes commence in April, June, September and January.

What are the financial options available? Currently, the common options of financing assistance available are:
DRB-HICOM Group Scholarship
Bonding Scholarship Top Achievers' Award Privilege Scholarship Zakat Scholarship Study Loan
DRB-HICOM Education Loan Bank Muamalat (Skim Pendidikan Anak) Bank Rakyat (Education Financing (i Falah)) EPF MARA PTPTN PERKESO Others *Terms & Conditions apply

What type of facilities and services are available?

The college currently provides the basic facilities such as student activity centre (MENSA), Chancellery Hall, administrative building, lecture theatres, vehicle test track, computer centre, workshops and laboratories, inspection lane, CATIA laboratory, surau, resource centre and Wi-fi services.

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Does ICAM provide hostels?Yes. ICAM provides hostels for outstation students with minimal fee. Students will be required to abide by all hostel regulations when assigned with hostel accommodation. The college appoints wardens to provide assistance to students on any hostel related matter.

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What are the advantages of studying in ICAM? ICAM is owned by DRB-HICOM, one of the largest integrated automotive corporations in Malaysia. DRB-HICOM has a wealth of experience in automotive industry. DRB-HICOM is well linked with world renowned brand names in the automotive industries. DRB-HICOM provides opportunities for its graduates to work within the group’s companies. DRB-HICOM provides a wide choice of placements for practical sessions and internships. ICAM is located in the DRB-HICOM Automotive Hub, hence it utilises the advantage of the surrounding automotive manufacturing and assembling factories as its learning facilities.
How many faculties are there in ICAM? Currently there are 2 faculties; Faculty of Engineering Technology Faculty of Business Management.

As a graduate of ICAM, what are my career options?There are vast opportunities available for ICAM’s graduates. The programmes offered are specially tailored to meet the automotive industry’s needs.

Will the programmes be conducted entirely in English? The module and teaching materials are in English. However, the college understands that not all of ICAM’s potential students are proficient in English. ICAM provides Intensive English Language classes for those who requires to improve their English.

Will there be on-the-job training? Yes. Students will be provided with the on-the-job training within the DRB-HICOM’s group of companies. The training will be specifically developed in line with the programmes taken by the students at that time.

Do the students need to secure their own OJT placement? No, the college will make all the necessary arrangements within the DRB-HICOM group of companies for the students’ OJT placements.

Can I continue my studies to a degree level with ICAM’S diploma? Yes, the college will be upgraded into a university college soon. The degree programmes will be offered after the completion of the diploma programme taken by the students.

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Can I work with DRB-HICOM after I graduate? Yes. The programmes offered are specially designed in line with the activities of respective operating companies within the DRB-HICOM group of companies. The college will arrange for the potential graduates to be interviewed by the various operating companies in respect of the specific programmes that they took.

Do you offer e-learning or any distance learning programmes? Not at this moment but the college may consider this when the time is right.

Are ICAM programmes recognised by MQA and MOHE? Yes. ICAM's programmes have been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Quality Accreditation Agency (MQA).

Does the college provide any shuttle or feeder bus around the campus? Yes. ICAM provides shuttle busses for the students to travel from their hostels which is around 500 metres to the campus.

What is the age limit to enrol the programmes? We have not set any age limit to enrol into ICAM’s programmes.

What is the normal class day? The normal class day is from Mondays to Fridays. The class begins at 8.30am and ends at 5.00pm.

Do you provide any workshop for technical subjects? Yes. All technical subjects will be required to have workshops.

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